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Description: Masses of bright flowers, available in magenta, deep blue and bicolour.

Main Attribute: Mass flowering

Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous

Plant Type: Annual

Height and Spread: 30cm (12in) x 45cm (18in)

Position: Excels in full sun, and well-drained soil

Hardy: Protect from severe frost / Available in: from April

Where to plant: Senetti perform best when grown in a pot - water and feed well.

Plant Care: Senetti are heavy feeders and drinkers, the use of a slow release fertiliser is recommended and in addition feed regularly with plant food throughout the plants life. For continuous flowering cut back the top of the plant to the foliage (approx 10cm ) after flowering and re-flowering will occur three to four weeks later.

Pot with: Create pots along with Nemesia, Dianthus and even Strawberries

Growers Tip: "Flowers on Senetti will be affected by frost, plant out after the threat of frost has finished, or if a late frost is forecast, cover or move indoors"

Pests / Diseases: Whitefly, Thrips, Red Spider Mite, Botrytis, Powdery Mildew

Care and time: High - summer

Benefits: An incredibly long flowering plant, which can have up to 100 + flowers at its peak.
Excels in pots and can be used to brighten any area.
Safe to plant in late March as will tolerate 0°C.

History: A type of Cineraria, a popular cut flower, bred and raised in Japan by Suntory for its suitability for use in Summer patio pots.

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EU Plant Variety Rights apply. Propagation for sale without a licence is illegal.


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